Welcome here! This is the place where you can find a qulified legal support in Russia, or get legal help in matters related to Russia.


About me

My name is Anna S. Menshova. I am a practicing lawyer in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dear expats, foreign students, businessmen and other foreigners whose needs meet necessity for Russian legal support!

It is so important to have a legal support when you are dealing with another country, and especially when you are in new a place! I know it for sure as once I’ve gone through moving to another place myself. And now I live in this beautiful city Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I will be happy to be your legal guide and supporter in Russia, to consult you, help with any contract that you are going to deal with, help you register and start a business, support your business, give you a full judicial protection in courts and with other things that you might face with.

I work in both Russian and English, in person on remotely if you are in any other place on a globe.

Contact me by any contacts below.

Best regards, 

Anna S. Menshova





Freedom of contract

A lean agreement is better than a fat lawsuit. A proverb   A contract is an agreement of two or several persons on establishment, amendment or termination of civil rights and obligations. Contracts surround us everywhere, even if it is not obvious sometimes: when buying goods in a market (even when without a signed written …